Kelly Takes on France!

I'm back, but now I'm in the real world and oh so bitter...

Thoughts on Flying…again…

1)      I know this sounds bad, but it helps to be a girl. People have been willing to lift my huge bag for me.

2)      For the love of God, get a freaking scale. Steal one, borrow one, find one BEFORE you leave for the airport so you aren’t trying desperately to fit more things in your other bag.

3)      If you look like you might cry, you might get away with 2 extra kilos on your checked baggage.

4)      Be prepared for the strange looks of half pity, half sadistic laughter when people see you lugging your heavy ass bag on public transportation to get to the airport. However, it is worth it to save your money for the extra you will have to pay to check your second bag.

5)      I got randomly searched for explosives. However, I’m glad to know that it isn’t purely based on race, at least here in Berlin. I am your average run-of-the-mill white girl, so I’m not sure how suspicious I really am, other than the fact that my 2 allowed on board luggages are stuffed to the brim.

6) Whoever makes the connection flight times should be shot. Seriously, 45 minutes to go through customs, recheck my backs and go through security again, REALLY?? Not possible unless you get rushed through security, because once again you almost cried.

7) It’s really nice when your parents meet you at the airport :)

8) How is it that I can check 2 bags, and on the belt I get one back, but the other bag was still in New York? Wtf?

9) Someone on my flight checked a stick. Yup. A stick. Alright dude…

It’s nice being home, but still feels kinda weird. I miss France already, I really hope I get to go back.

  • 10 May 2012